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Welcome to Proud To Be, Inc.

Together, let us journey toward achieving positive life changes.

Facing different behavioral health challenges on your own is not always the best away to achieve an improved quality of life. If you have too much on your plate, you may lose sight of what you truly need to overcome the challenges that come your way.

Thus, we provide various reliable solutions that can help you lead your life just as you desire. With our help and support, you can combat whatever worries your mind, helping you create better outcomes in your daily living.

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Psychiatric Services

We can provide you with reliable solutions for your psychiatric needs.

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Patient Assessment

Allow our experts to assess your condition to provide better solutions.

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Let us be your reliable source of psychotherapy services.

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Complementary and Alternative Treatments

Achieve improved health outcomes through massage, acupuncture, and more.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We can help you overcome the challenges of substance abuse and mental disorder.

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Relapse Prevention

Develop healthy coping skills through cognitive therapy and mind-body relaxation.

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Addiction Services

Trust and know that it is never too late to choose a life without substance abuse. Suboxone can help.

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Medication-assisted Treatment

Our experts can help you minimize the risk of relapse through medication-assisted therapy.

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We Are Committed

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to promote an improved quality of life for every individual who seeks to take control of their lives and overcome their behavioral health challenges.

About Us

Schedule an Assessment

Let us meet in person to thoroughly discuss your condition.

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Send Your Referrals

Allow us to extend our assistance to other people who need help.

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Send Us Your Feedback

Your comments and suggestions can help us improve our services.

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Who We Are

Meet Our Consultants

Our consultants are dedicated to creating positive changes in the lives of those who seek help. Learn more about the helping hands who can lead you to the fulfillment of your personal goals for an improved quality of life.

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